Car navigation

Connecting Operator and ask her or him where do we want to go.
Neither need to know precise address nor input and search on the screen.
Just talk to them, then they will search by PC over the phone and set destination on my navigation computer. This kind of service is convenient.
Especially during riving the car.


John said...

Hi Atsu,

Nice GPS... I am very old fashioned and still use a magnetic compass!!!

On air again but the bands are so quiet. Called CQ on an empty 30m band last night and suddenly big pile-up. Lots of 599 TU which I don't really enjoy for more than 15 minutes or so...

Still listening out for you.

Atsu JE1TRV said...

John san
Although I caught you on 40m this eveing, suddenly we had a bit large earthquake. So I had to QRT to check if XYL is OK at the down stairs.
Fourtunately everything was OK.

Hope to catch you again soon.