Fall colors in Yamanaka-ko Lake

Today, I took Kyoko to the Yamanaka-ko lake.
As we expected, the time was a bit too late to see the fall colors here.
But still nice colors there.
After Yamanaka-ko, we visited Kawaguchi-ko Lake too.
A fanous fall color spot in Kawaguchi-ko named "Momiji Kaiou もみじ回廊" (Maple Leaf Corridor)
That spot was a bit too early for the peak of the color.


jj1ttg/aki/6 said...

How beautiful !!!

John K3TN said...

Very beautiful, Atsu. Here we just had strong wind and all the colorful leaves now cover the ground.

I have been listening for you, Leo or Shin on 10m since conditions have been so good. Have worked several JA stations, but timing has not worked for finding you.

Atsu JE1TRV said...

Hi Aki
Thanks for your footprint.
I miss you on the band.
Guess you are too busy to QRV?
Take care and see you on the band soon!

Hi John
Nice to here you!
Yes, 10m and 12m are very nice in shape lately.
I could work many east coast stations on those bands, so I'm sure we can meet soon on the band!
Take care!

jj1ttg/aki/6 said...

Thanks for reply Atsu.
Yes,I was busy to ride my bike in this summer...(And my AJITO was very hot and hot at that time.)
So I will be back on the band soon.
See you later Atsu...

Atsu JE1TRV said...

Hi agn
OK Aki, please QRV b4 ur room becomes too cold to operate :-)

John said...

Good pics Atsu-san.. you are a great photographer. I hope to see you next year.

I have the K3 and KPA500 ... some problems with missing parts but Elecraft will send the replacements. Then we are off to ZL-land on Thursday for a few weeks. When I get back I will complete the construction and put up a new antenna.

It is bad news that Shin san has resigned from CW Ops.


Atsu JE1TRV said...

Hi John san
Thanks for your update.
I'm looking forward to hearing your vivid CW signal from K3+KPA500 soon!