BBQ with K3TN

K3TN John and his XYL Carol came to my home with JJ8KGZ Leo.
I invited local friends and had a BBQ at my garden.
Many frisnds gathered and enjoyed drinking eating and chatting under the sunshine.
It was very nice sunny day. Thank you everyone, thank you nature god for this fine time. May the peacefull time be with us for long!

John wrote about his visit to JA i his BLOG


Anonymous said...

Hi, Atsu - thanks again for your hospitality. Carole and I had a great time meeting everyone and eating the wonderful food. I hope you and your family can someday visit us in the US.

I have blogged about our trip at http://security.typepad.com/internet_security_be_care/2011/04/neither-tsunamis-radiation-or-aftershocks-in-the-night-deter-john-and-carole-from-having-a-great-tim.html

73, John K3TN

Atsu JE1TRV said...

Hi, John
Thank you for your comment and kind words.
I hope I would visit your QTH some day and want to see big deer jumping over the car. hi



John K3TN said...

Hi, Atsu - just worked Shin on 40m, but conditions were not so good. We QSY'ed to 20m but conditions were even worse. Let's hope for more sunspots!

73, John K3TN

Atsu JE1TRV said...

Hi, John
Thanks info.
I've been listening that Shin san was calling your call several times. But I must leave for the dinner so that I could not confirm your signal.

I hope We can hook up on higer bands soon.

vy 73