A Happy New Year 2011

A Happy New Year 2011

I thank you very much for everything in 2010 and wish your happy and health new year 2011.

This year is;
220th anniversary of Samuel F.B. Morse's birth.
110th anniversary of Marconi's over the Atlantic ocean Radio Telegraphy communication.
And probably the year that Morsecode proficiency test will be dropped from the all class of Japanese Radio Amateur License exam.

Cerebrating this, I will work harder for prpmotion of CW.

As my private issue, I'll turn 50 this year.
I think I'll do my best this year, but after that I want to ask to have some time to think about my life in future.

On the other hand,
Number of Collection of my Morse Keys and Paddles became some extent so that I'd like to prepare a place where you can touch them and talk about CW in my home at Machida, Tokyo.
I named it "Machida A1 Museum".
If you have chance to come to Tokyo, please contact me.

de JE1TRV, Atsu


VE3WDM said...

Good morning Atsu, that is some collection of keys you have!! As for me it's a Bencher and my favorite the Bengali signature. Very nice blog as well.

Atsu JE1TRV said...

Begali is super excellent paddle that I have ever used.
I've ordered another one to Begali last Xmas as a Xmas present to myself and that will be arrived tomorrow. :-)