Impression of FOC Marathon, etc

I've been playing as Asian Event station of K3Y SKCC Anniversary Event until 23:59Z of Jan 31.
I've been trying call CQ K3Y/AS to give points to SKCC members as much as possible.
However, some of FOC member called me several times over the callers of SKCC.
It was not one time, I had two three times same way.
I wonder if those guys are using RBN skimmer or something like that and as soon as finding my callsign on the pc screen they just click the button then their rigs are automatically tuned to my freq and start their ID calling?
Due to such happening, I totally lost my willing to participate the marathon.

The other day, I've been rag chewing with friend in Colorado.
We were happy to chat with bug keys leisurely around 7026KHz.
However, some W station started his call suddenly. He was very loud.
We paused our chat wondering if he was calling us and wanted to join our chat.
But it was not. After that guy, several stations started calling their ID endlessly on and around the freq.
We were forced to stop our QSO.
That was DXCC chasers who calls FT5ZM appeared on 7023.

I propose following sentence to be added to the DX code of conduct,
"We watch the frequency carefully before I transmit on thet freq."
I learned it is very basic manner of hamradio when I was 14 years old but most of DX chasers don't know it.

The first calss CW operators's club must show the 1st class manner of the CW operation. 
Don't you think so?

Atsu, JE1TRV
FOC#1959 but also SKCC#561C, CWops#141, FISTS#7763, A1CLUB#1, etc.


K3TN said...

Hi, Atus 0 it was great fun to work you on 15m when you were testing out your K3Y setup and I was testing out remote operation of the very nice K4YY station. Though, I had to use keyboard CW which I am not very good at. Trying to get WinKeyRemote working so I can use a paddle.

All pileups tend to cause the interference you mention - and those occur mostly in contesting and DXing. But lots of times when I CQ (well, sometimes...) I have more than 1 station calling me. In pileups, no one is really there first, so we tend not to think of pileups as causing "intentional interference".

Contest QRM is a long standing problem. Though mostly a problem with the larger contests, I have a friend WA3SEE who does mostly JT65 and he reports QRP contest QRM on 14.076 where JT65 signals are already on.

Split operation by DXpeditions, especially rare ones, is the other form you mention. Those tend to create wide pileups just above the DX stations frequency - so again the interference is not intentional. But, it does interfere.

The only real solution is to have agreements around "non-pileup" frequency segments. Some oontests do that, not many. The DX code of conduct would be another good place to recommend where DXpeditions set up their split operations.

Many do not like contesting or DXing, many do. Many enjoy AM and SSTV, many do not enjoy the interference those modes cause. Many people enjoy nets that use the same frequency at the same time, and they do not enjoy others wanting to use that frequency at that time.

Personally, I believe there are definitely bad operators and rude operators, and it would be good if there were fewer. But I think the biggest threat to our hobby is lack of use of all that HF spectrum, not too much use!

73, John K3TN

Atsu JE1TRV said...

Hi John,
It was surprise and my pleasure that I heard your decent CW voice first time on the air!

Regarding the habits of operation,
There should be different opinions.

I started ham with CW class license in 1975 when I was 14 years old.
I have learned that FOC is the best CW club that requires not only high level of opeartion skill and manner but also high social personality to join this club.
To become a member of FOC is admiration or envy.
So it was really honored when I heard that I was nominated because to become a member is a kind of goal of ham career for me.

May be I overestimated FOC.
But as a member I could not stay silent when I encountered the way of operation like reported in my last post.

Atsu, JE1TRV

John said...

Hi Atsu san
Its a long time since I heard you. I think there are good and bad operators in any CW club. I have found most FOC operators to be very curteous and forgiving of my slow bug CW. One or two seem more interested just in a 5NN TU contact for a new Windle point. Such is life. But I do enjoy the membership.It gives me an aim - to work as many FOC as possible. My personal contest with myself !
By the way I have used a spare varicap diode (the ones you sent me) to make the most amazing MOSFET regenerative short wave receiver. The same kind I used to make when I was a child. The varicap is controlled by a multi-turn potentiometer to control the capacitance and hence tuning. One transistor and I can resolve all signals including ham CW from 4 -11 MHz. Now I feel young again ! Actually this simple receiver is more fun than the complex superhet I made. Thanks once again for helping me with those varicaps!! I look for you on the air but never hear you.
John 9V1VV

Atsu JE1TRV said...

Hi John, thank you for leaving your comment.
I've been busy for private matters since March.
I'd like to tell you more in detail on the bands. Hi